7 Writing Opportunities for Kids

Teaching and learning from home these days? There are some great literacy resources online to support children and families, and many of them are free (at least for the remainder of the school year).

Yet even with all that’s being shared, I can’t help but notice that the focus is largely on reading. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for reading! But I’m also all for writing, and I want to get writing at the forefront of the at-home teaching and learning conversation.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of some online resources your kids are sure to love – and some fun writing ideas to sweeten the learning experience!

Inspire writing with…


Stuck at Home? Take Free Drawing Classes From Famous Illustrators

Free Art Lessons on YouTube

  • Draw first, then write! Drawing can often inspire a poem or story in ways that other mediums can’t. Young writers in particular benefit from drawing before writing because it provides thinking time and a chance to draft before committing pencil to paper.


Free Virtual Field Trips

Museum Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours of National Parks

  • Wow! Exploring new places is an amazing way to inspire writing. Try making a scavenger hunt for other online visitors to follow by creating a list of interesting things to see and do during the tour.


Kennedy Space Center Facebook Live Videos

Virtual Marine Biology Camp with Oceans Initiative

  • Watch and learn! Even if you can’t try the experiments yourselves, you can help children recreate them by writing out the instructions.


Listen to Stories from Audible

  • Choose a favorite story to retell! Write your own version by altering a detail or two, or create illustrations for someone else to sequence after they listen to the same story.


Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube Channel

  • Stories can take many shapes, even downward dog! Kids can physically retell stories they know well with simple yoga moves and an engaging narrator. Why not write a yoga story of your own with labeled diagrams on a storyboard?

Physical Education with The Body Coach YouTube Channel

  • Keep track of data when you exercise! Make a chart and count your moves, time your workouts, and monitor your progress. Charting and listmaking are important writing activities.


Animal WebCams at The Monterey Bay Aquarium

Animal WebCams at The San Diego Zoo

  • Writers use their observation skills when they check out animal webcams. Try writing one fact you observed and one question you still have.


Get started writing today! And for more ideas check out my writing videos!

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