Hear what colleagues had to say about my latest workshop…


“This presentation was engaging and informative…very worthwhile and glad I attended!”

“Thank you Julie – that was fantastic! :)”

“Thanks! I love how you have researched best practices!”

“One of, if not the best presentation so far for Super Saturdays.”

“Thank you so much for such a worthwhile workshop, lots of useful information and great lessons!”

“Thank you for the time and dedication you have put forth to make close reading possible in the primary grades.”

“After attending a district workshop and then this workshop, there was no comparison in the quality of information and resources provided! This 2 hour workshop gave me skills to take back to my classroom Monday morning!”

“I love the lessons and greatly enjoyed the presentation. My kids are getting a lot out of our close reading, which I follow up with journal writing. It’s going great! Thanks for the ideas!”

“This was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to come back!”

“Great presenter. Julie always does a great job with presenting information.”

“Wow! Best Super Saturday I’ve been to! Can I have even a grain of your knowledge!!”

“Thank you so much! Our district did a presentation on close reading and we were so sad it was not helpful. This is!”

“I’ll make sure to come to your next presentation.”

“More workshops, please!”