Ready to take your writing instruction to the next level?

You’re definitely in the right place. 


I know you, feisty teacher.

You’re tired of quick fixes that don’t advance your students’ writing.

You know that fluffy worksheets will never do.

You’re frustrated by activities that waste precious learning time.

You find yourself thinking…

“There’s got to be a better way!”


Let’s face it, teaching is HARD.

And balancing high expectations with developmental needs is HARDER.

I know. I’ve been there.

You want what’s best for your students and you’re convinced you can get them there.

But you need some tested strategies and proven approaches that get real results.

And you need those results…yesterday.

You need a shortcut…and a guide.


I can show you powerful strategies that really work to help your beginning writers…

…write independently on a variety of topics and genres

…improve spacing, spelling, and punctuation while they write

…develop academic language that makes their writing more sophisticated

…enhance their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills

…meet rigorous academic standards

…learn to love writing for writing’s sake!

How can you make this happen?


Sign up for my free mini course.

I’ll show you the secret to getting beginning writers to edit their work independently (yes, I said independently).

For reals!

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Come on, feisty teacher! There’s no time to waste!

You know your students are capable of anything.

And deep down we both know that you’re the teacher who will help them thrive.