Teachers Pay Teachers

Well, sitting around waiting for baby to arrive means I have some time to work on a few new projects. One of which is finally posting some teacher resources to my Teachers Pay Teachers account. What a fantastic resource for all us teachers out there! We all benefit from the collective experience and expertise represented on the site and our students are the ones who really win. Teachers deserve a.. Read More

Literacy Assessment

Last spring I surveyed elementary teachers in my district to find out their thoughts regarding our district assessment packets. I truly appreciate those who took the time to complete the survey and the answers were very informative. Teachers were clear about their desire for updated assessment formats and the need for training in how to administer and analyze the assessments. I hope to include some resources for administration and analysis.. Read More

Loving Literacy

All right, another blog you say? Well, yes, but I promise I really do have good things to share. After years of trolling around the web searching for tutorials, resources, and great links I’m finally ready to contribute some ideas of my own. I’ve benefited so much (daily really) from the sites of others, why not give a little back? I’m hoping to contribute new resources for teachers who love.. Read More

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