Another Blurb in EL Magazine!

I was sifting through the mail earlier this week and was glad to see that my copy of the March 2016 issue of Educational Leadership magazine had arrived. And I was even more pleased when I realized that they published my response to their “Tell Me About…” section! This month’s issue is about life-long learning and their question was “Tell Me How You Help Students Gain Life Skills”. My response.. Read More

High-Impact Practices for Literacy: A Free Professional Learning Opportunity

For the past year or so I’ve been involved in an exciting project that has enormous potential for improving the teaching and learning of literacy in our schools. The SOAR (Strategic Observation and Reflection) Teaching Frames™ for Literacy are a research-based tool that articulates instructional practices that have the greatest impact on student achievement and address the Common Core Standards. The Frames clearly define those practices and the professional growth.. Read More

U.S. Teaching Ambassadors

Take a look at this post on the U.S. Department of Education’s blog by my multi-talented friend Nancy Veatch. Nancy is serving as a U.S. Teaching Ambassador Fellow this year and is sharing her expertise with folks in Washington DC and all over the country. Way to represent! Calling on All to Lift Up the Teaching Profession  

The Best Resource for Common Core Writing is Finally Here!

I am beyond excited to share a remarkable and extremely valuable resource that’s available free online. It’s called Understanding Proficiency, and it’s fantastic! Of course, I’m biased because I was one of the lucky educators who helped develop the content for the site. But I think you’ll quickly see how valuable the materials are for teachers, administrators, coaches, you name it! It’s the resource I’ve wished for since the Common.. Read More

Presenting on the Island – Again!

Who turns down an opportunity to present at the International Conference on Education and a trip to Oahu? Not me! So happy to be here in Hawaii and looking forward to attending and presenting this week. Can’t wait to share more about the SOAR (Strategic Observation and Reflection) Teaching Frames™ for Literacy that I’ve worked on for almost a year. Stay tuned as they are publicly launched later this month!

The Power of Home Visits for Teachers and Students

Okay, I’m here to brag again about my inspirational teacher friends at Oak Ridge Elementary in Sacramento, California. They’ve been working with their students’ families in a number of ways over the years and home visits has been one of the most beneficial for uniting their school community. Here’s an article featuring my two friends Stephanie Smith and Cristina Bautista and the powerful work they’re engaged in. Enjoy!  

Another Great Video from SoulPancake

By now most of us have watched one of the many viral videos featuring Kid President (If not, you’re missing out! Watch one of my favorites here). What you may not know is that those remarkable videos are produced by SoulPancake, co-founded by Rainn Wilson. You know, Dwight from the show The Office. Yes, that guy! Anyhow, SoulPancake is an entertainment company that features topics that are good for the.. Read More

Archive Those Anchor Charts and Save Space

Anchor charts are a teaching tool I would never be without. In case you haven’t heard, anchor charts are reference posters teacher co-create with students that serve as a scaffold for learning. The key word here is “co-create”. Beware of some of the most beautiful charts you see online – many if not most of them were made alone by the teacher. These are essentially no different than a poster.. Read More

3 Ideas for Teaching Description

Has this concept made its way to your school or district? I recently heard a teacher refer to “descriptive” as a genre that stands on its own, much like narrative or poetry. I was really surprised! Description is used to convey images, feelings, and experiences that help us better understand the content or author’s message. Descriptive writing contains details that the writer uses to elaborate on their ideas. These details.. Read More

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