Skip a latte…Help a lot!

Okay friends, it’s back to school time and that means great prices on school supplies.  Let’s help our teacher friends so they can help our youngest friends to have an learning-filled year!  Please share this meme on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, tweet it on Twitter, and pass it on.  Let’s get school supplies in the hands of students!  And don’t forget to donate!

LitCentric Resources are in the Digital Library

I got some great news last week…there are 5 new resources in the Smarter Balanced Digital Library from!  If you teach in a Smarter Balanced state, and your department of education has purchased access to the Digital Library, then you should be able to download my resources free of charge.  Here’s what’s available so far: Peer Editors Feedback Form: A Writer’s Workshop Conferencing Tool for grades 3rd-10th Crafting a.. Read More

At the Beach, Again!

So happy to be here in Bodega Bay, California ready to start another year of supporting districts with innovative practices designed to reimagine teacher evaluation systems.  A top priority is putting professional growth at the heart of evaluation, and guiding district teams to engage their colleagues and tap into existing resources to make it happen.  Also revealing our new tool that improves evaluation, feedback, and Common Core instructional practices!  More.. Read More

Mahalo Oahu and Maui Educators

As happy as I am to be back on the mainland with my sweet little family, I find myself longing for the island life!  It was such a pleasure to not only visit Hawaii (I mean, how can you go wrong?), but to meet with such thoughtful practitioners who willingly gave up part of their very brief summer break to work with me and my colleagues to learn about performance.. Read More

Hawaii Here I Come!

Getting very excited here on the mainland because my trip to Hawaii is less than a month away!  As part of the incredible Building Educator Assessment Literacy project through WestEd and Stanford SCALE (funded by Helmsley Foundation) I have been hired to present to teachers on Oahu and Maui.  So excited!  Of course the island appeal is too good to pass up, but I’m equally looking forward to working with.. Read More

A Small Addition to Reading Today Magazine

You just never know where a Facebook post will take you.  Case in point: I follow the International Literacy Association (formerly International Reading Association) Facebook page and enjoy the articles and research they highlight in my newsfeed.  It’s a great way to stay connected in a timely fashion.  The other day the page managers posted a question for readers:  What is one word or phrase you would ban?”  It didn’t.. Read More

LitCentric Has Hit an All Time High!

I’ve done the math (yes, even though is site dedicated to literacy we do appreciate numbers around here) and I can’t believe what I’ve come up with!  Seriously, I did the math a few times, then triple checked the results.  I can’t believe my eyes!  Not only has April 2015 been our most popular month ever at, but we have achieved something pretty major.  I compared our traffic.. Read More

Let’s Talk Stamina

Stamina in literacy learning has been a popular topic lately, and rightfully so.  Without it, students are unable to tackle the challenges that come with close reading, for example, and can’t follow through on more straightforward tasks either.  When I’ve seen stamina addressed in classrooms I’ve mostly seen it tied to the clock.  Teachers are timing students to see how long they can read without getting fidgety or needing a.. Read More

Do You Have What it Takes to Create a Performance Task? Yes You Do!

Performance Tasks play an important role in next-generation assessments of Common Core State Standards.  This leaves teachers wondering: What defines a quality Performance Task?  How do Performance Tasks used in on-demand assessments compare with those used in the classroom?  What is a Performance Task anyway? The answers to these and many more questions can be found in the professional learning experience I’ve created here at  It’s easy to follow,.. Read More

Thank You Mendocino County Teachers!

Another busy two days presenting for the Building Educator Assessment Literacy project from WestEd and Stanford SCALE.  I had a wonderful time working with dedicated teachers and administrators in the Mendocino County area, along the coast of California.  Beautiful weather, beautiful people, and beautiful collaboration.  Thank you! I’m looking forward to working with you all online in the coming months as we work to implement performance tasks and the formative.. Read More

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