Teacher Appreciation Abounds

For those of you who may not know, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week. I hope you’ll take the time to send a message or extend a kind gesture toward a special teacher in your life. We all have them either through our own educational experience or in the lives of our children. I hope you’ll brighten the day of a teacher you know! A very talented teacher I am lucky enough.. Read More

Yet Another Blurb with EL Magazine – online

This is one of my favorite tidbits that has been published yet because it highlights the rich, purposeful work that happens every day at my favorite school – Oak Ridge Elementary in Sacramento, California. Cheers! Tell Me About How Your Group Examined Student Work – Emerging Patterns  

Looking at Student Work – NWP Webinar Resources

I hope you were able to view the webinar I participated in for the National Writing Project last month.  Here’s the link in case you’d like to take a look.  During the webinar we spoke about long-term work we’ve been engaged in at school sites on the east and west coast, specifically looking at student work as a way to guide and reinforce professional development for educators. I’m including some.. Read More

Close Reading Q & A

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend 3 days leading a group of 40 primary teachers in an exploration of close reading and the Common Core State Standards.  It was a busy 3 days!  We spent time viewing the best examples out there (of which there are unfortunately few), learning what prominent researchers have to say, shifting our thinking about comprehension and writing instruction, and collaborating to design lessons.. Read More

Wrapping Up a Year Full of Writing: Reflecting On Fourth Grade Writer’s Workshop

This afternoon I collaborated with a dedicated group of 4th grade teachers who were wondering how to wrap up their writer’s workshop for the year.  They reflected on the fact that they spent a lot of time establishing their writing community in the fall, but that their year seemed to end abruptly and without any closure for them or their students.  They wanted to design a reflective experience for their.. Read More

Learn About Close Reading

I’m excited to share that this July I’ll be hosting a 3-day institute all about close reading! We’ll be exploring the strategy and learning how K-2 students can be taught to read closely. But that’s not all! We’ll learn how to relate our close reading lessons to writing across the three text-types in the Common Core. Read all about it: Follow this link to the homepage of the Area 3.. Read More

Writer’s Notebook – Space for Revision

Writer’s notebooks are all the rage these days and they’ve led to notebooks for all subject areas. They are a fantastic tool for housing student work in various stages of the writing process. But how do you make space for revision in your writer’s notebook? Even if you skip lines or pages, sometimes you need another way. Enter the Revision Sidebar! A sidebar is a nonfiction text feature where additional.. Read More

Professional Development for Close Reading

Our CTA Teacher Leadership Cohort (TLC) is wrapping up today! It’s been a wonderful year learning and growing with 23 other educators from across California and of course, with the amazing professional development staff at CTA. As part of my reflection process I created a Prezi to share a bit about my project and what the future holds. Enjoy!  

Real Grammar in Real Time

Say the word “grammar” aloud and you can witness the visceral reactions of different adults around the room: cringing, shrinking, wincing. It’s understandable. Most of us remember grammar lessons in school that involved sentence diagramming or correcting poorly written sentences, and that infamous red pen that every teacher seemed to have fused to their index fingers. But grammar lessons today don’t have to be all bad. In fact, they can.. Read More

Follow-Up Survey Success

I’ve spent the last couple of days completing my follow-up survey for my CTA professional development project. My workshop participants gave me such valuable feedback immediately following my presentation. Now I’m asking them for more, this time to learn how the sample lessons I provided have worked for them and their students. I sent out the survey online this afternoon and already received several responses. Hooray! As a thank you.. Read More

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