How to Sew a Quilt and Break All the Rules

First, a confession.  I am no quilter.  Yes, I sew.  Yes, I love it.  Yes, I’m good at it.  But these truths don’t necessarily make one a quilter.  In my mind, a true quilter is one who belongs to a guild, creates king-sized masterpieces with hundreds of pieces in grandmother-approved, centuries old patterns.  No, I am not a quilter. But, I do like to make the occasional quilt.  I’m here.. Read More

Make Your Own Shopping Cart Cover- Say No to Germs!

  This has taken me way too long to finally post here, but it’s worth the wait, I promise! I am in love with Natalie’s new shopping cart cover, that also doubles as a restaurant high chair cover. Eeeeeew! Germs! Stay away from my lil’ darlin’! I started this project by searching for just the right fabric. I wanted something cotton because I want to be able to wash it.. Read More

Thanks KAM Snaps!

It’s no secret that I love KAM Snaps. They are my favorite sewing accessory hands down! I discovered them while pregnant with my daughter in the baby section of the fabric store. A lot of people use them to make cloth diaper covers but I’ve found so many uses for them, it’s crazy! Like the owner Judy told me, they are addictive! So how excited was I that my crib.. Read More

Birthday Birthday!

There’s nothing better than your little one being able to wish you a happy birthday :). I couldn’t believe when one day Nat looked at her balloon bouquet, pointed, and said “Birthday!”. Kids are so smart and amazing! I love watching her put her world together. It’s been a busy holiday time for us, like it is for everyone. But we got some good news and some not so good.. Read More

Tote for a Tot

I found a great tutorial for this drawstring tote bag at Piggledee. It’s just what I was looking for! Natalie loves to drag my purse around the house so I thought she could use a bag of her own. At first I considered sewing a simple tote bag but then I thought about bags I’ve seen that have a drawstring insert. Perfect! We can stuff in some of her favorite.. Read More

Halloween Treat

All right, I know Halloween ended a while ago but I just had to post a pic of my sweet little pumpkin. We dressed her up as a cupcake for her first real Halloween (she technically had her first Halloween last year but was way too tiny to participate). It was a lot of fun to make and I think it turned out well. The true test was when we.. Read More

Birthday Throne Fit for a Princess

I’m really happy with how Natalie’s “birthday throne” turned out for her 1st birthday bash. I wanted to decorate her high chair in a fun way (after all, this will be the only birthday featuring a high chair) and started looking at pictures on Pinterest. I saw some really adorable ideas but they were so pricey! I’m all for cute, but I’d rather spend money on something that will last.. Read More

Birthday Bunting – Big and Small

I was happy with how the buntings turned out for Natalie’s party. And they were super easy to make! I made buntings with Natalie’s name but you could have them say any message you like. I took photos of the small cake bunting I made but the process is the same no matter the size or shape of your project. Choose a font and colors for your letters.   Choose.. Read More

Birthday Circle Skirt Tutorial

A rainbow birthday party calls for a rainbow birthday skirt, of course! Natalie needed a pretty party outfit for her first birthday and here’s what I came up with:   It a baby-sized circle skirt with an elastic waist. Easy and cute! Here’s how I made it. I measured Natalie’s waist and decided on the length I wanted for her skirt. I didn’t have enough fabric to cut out my.. Read More

Baby Birthday Bash – She’s 1!

We had a wonderful birthday party for Baby Natalie to celebrate the big 1! I decided to have a rainbow theme to keep it fun and colorful. There are so many cute ideas for rainbow parties on Pinterest, it was overwhelming! But I found some inspiration and I was happy with the result. 🙂 We had a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends. I’ll be loading some party tutorials.. Read More

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