Save at TpT – today and tomorrow only!

In case you’ve been truly unplugged this summer and are in denial about the school year that’s about to begin, you may not know that for the next two days Teachers Pay Teachers is having their back to school sale. You don’t want to miss these prices! TpT discounts everything on the site, and individual sellers like yours truly offer additional discounts on their wonderful products. This is THE BEST.. Read More


Wow that’s a mouthful! Differentiation is such a important topic for teachers, and it’s often a difficult one. Differentiation requires innovation (there’s the -ovation in case you didn’t catch that) and heavy lifting on the part of the teacher. I think the difficulty lies in teachers who are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Teachers have so many things on their plates, and all of relatively equal importance, that.. Read More

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