Free Instructional Coaching Course – Register Now!

A free course will be available soon from Resourcing Excellence in Education (REEd) at the University of California, Davis School of Education that introduces participants to the importance of coaching within a professional learning system. This course serves as an introduction to coaching and thought about how a school or district might begin the journey toward implementing coaching roles in their learning communities. It’s online, it’s self-paced, and it’s free!.. Read More

The Best Resource for Common Core Writing is Finally Here!

I am beyond excited to share a remarkable and extremely valuable resource that’s available free online. It’s called Understanding Proficiency, and it’s fantastic! Of course, I’m biased because I was one of the lucky educators who helped develop the content for the site. But I think you’ll quickly see how valuable the materials are for teachers, administrators, coaches, you name it! It’s the resource I’ve wished for since the Common.. Read More

Academic Language MOOC Coming Soon – and it’s free!

Take a look at this free MOOC hosted by Stanford University.  “Seven Essential Practices for Developing Academic Oral Language and Literacy in Every Subject” is taught by the authors of Common Core Standards in Diverse Classrooms: Dr. Susan O’Hara of UC Davis, Dr. Jeff Zwiers of Stanford University, and Dr. Bob Pritchard of Sacramento State.  I’m looking forward to everything I’ll learn!  Join me and sign up soon, it starts.. Read More

Classroom Technology: Baby Steps Aren’t Enough

I had another wonderful coffee chat today with a new friend I’m just getting to know.  I am so impressed by all that she has accomplished in her career and am really interested in the new projects she’s taking on.  Her expertise is in technology design in the education market and she’s currently working on a project for the California Department of Education.  I can’t wait to see how it.. Read More

The New Bloom’s Taxonomy

Most of us probably “grew up” in college education courses in which Bloom’s Taxonomy was referred to, again and again and again.  So much so that we started to roll our eyes (even if only secretly) every time a professor pulled out the infamous triangle.  But with the Common Core upon us, Bloom’s is gaining ground again and has a new partner in crime called Webb’s Depth of Knowledge.  Stanislaus.. Read More

Things Are in the Works

I just had a wonderful meeting with an educational technology expert who is working on incredible online resources for the California Department of Education.  As many of you know, teachers are searching (sometimes desperately) for vetted instructional resources that align with the Common Core State Standards.  It’s a real concern in education today: How do we make sure we’re meeting the new standards when we lack curriculum and resources to.. Read More

A Resource for Writer’s Workshop

I’ve been using the videos from Annenberg Learner for years to help explain and demonstrate writer’s workshop in real classrooms.  It’s a wonderful resource because it not only provides quality video samples, it also structures the process of viewing the videos in a way that staffs can learn together through a series of readings, viewings, and conversations that inform our beliefs about writing and writing instruction.  Check them out, they’re.. Read More

Sticky Note Magic!

Did you know that you can print or photocopy onto sticky notes?  It’s the best thing since sliced bread!  I’ve used printed sticky notes for all sorts of reasons in my classroom: annotating texts with students, matching text-dependent questions to specific pages in a book, analyzing the structure of a piece of writing, creating assessment notes, and more. Rather than create my own tutorial for how to print on stickies.. Read More

Digital Resources – Check out this list!

Take a look at this list of digital resources for teachers posted on the National Writing Project’s blog, Digital Is.  I can’t wait to take a look at all the links!  I love when I find lists like this one where there are so many resources all in one place.  Especially when someone has thoughtfully compiled them!  

Blending and Segmenting Video Now Available

Greetings! I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve posted a new video to my YouTube channel called “LitCentric“. I hope you’ll follow my channel! I know, I know, I haven’t posted nearly enough videos, but it’s hard to do with all the permissions needed to post students and their work. Every district has a different policy and it’s sometimes too much hassle to deal with it. So this.. Read More

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