The Best Resource for Common Core Writing is Finally Here!

I am beyond excited to share a remarkable and extremely valuable resource that’s available free online. It’s called Understanding Proficiency, and it’s fantastic! Of course, I’m biased because I was one of the lucky educators who helped develop the content for the site. But I think you’ll quickly see how valuable the materials are for teachers, administrators, coaches, you name it! It’s the resource I’ve wished for since the Common.. Read More

Do You Have What it Takes to Create a Performance Task? Yes You Do!

Performance Tasks play an important role in next-generation assessments of Common Core State Standards.  This leaves teachers wondering: What defines a quality Performance Task?  How do Performance Tasks used in on-demand assessments compare with those used in the classroom?  What is a Performance Task anyway? The answers to these and many more questions can be found in the professional learning experience I’ve created here at  It’s easy to follow,.. Read More

Easy Peasy R2-D2 Costume

No, really.  When I say easy, I mean easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Seriously!                                       We are big Star Wars fans in our house.  I think there’s something about growing up in the 80’s that puts Star Wars in your blood.  So of course we love to buy Star Wars goodies for our.. Read More

How to Sew a Quilt and Break All the Rules

First, a confession.  I am no quilter.  Yes, I sew.  Yes, I love it.  Yes, I’m good at it.  But these truths don’t necessarily make one a quilter.  In my mind, a true quilter is one who belongs to a guild, creates king-sized masterpieces with hundreds of pieces in grandmother-approved, centuries old patterns.  No, I am not a quilter. But, I do like to make the occasional quilt.  I’m here.. Read More

Love, Love Pinterest!

One of my favorite plugins here at WordPress is one that links all of my posts to the various social media sites I use: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and of course Pinterest.  Hooray for Pinterest!  I consistently get more visitors from Pinterest than any other site.  I think it’s the viewing platform that is so enjoyable – piles and piles of photos right at your fingertips.  Well, I’m grateful for folks.. Read More

Make Your Own Shopping Cart Cover- Say No to Germs!

  This has taken me way too long to finally post here, but it’s worth the wait, I promise! I am in love with Natalie’s new shopping cart cover, that also doubles as a restaurant high chair cover. Eeeeeew! Germs! Stay away from my lil’ darlin’! I started this project by searching for just the right fabric. I wanted something cotton because I want to be able to wash it.. Read More

My Favorite Belt

I learned to love D-ring belts when I was a kid, and I still love them today. They are casual, cute, and most importantly, they lay flat against my waistband. No big buckles sticking out from under my shirt. I hate that! The D-ring belt is aptly named for the clasp used to secure the belt. There are two metal pieces shaped like capital D’s. Go figure! Follow along to.. Read More

Another Plug for Reciprocal Teaching

I got a fun message on Facebook today from a friend and fellow teacher who’s been concerned about her 6th grade intervention group. We discussed comprehension approaches she might try and of course I suggested my favorite, Reciprocal Teaching. Along with my suggestion, I sent her a free copy of my Reciprocal Teaching packet on and a link to some great videos from our Canadian friends. These 6 videos.. Read More

Thanks KAM Snaps!

It’s no secret that I love KAM Snaps. They are my favorite sewing accessory hands down! I discovered them while pregnant with my daughter in the baby section of the fabric store. A lot of people use them to make cloth diaper covers but I’ve found so many uses for them, it’s crazy! Like the owner Judy told me, they are addictive! So how excited was I that my crib.. Read More

An Apron for My Mama

My mom mentioned to me over the summer that she would love an apron for Christmas and would I please make her one? Ummm, yeah, of course mom! It was fun shopping for fabric with her and finding a pattern online. I found a great tutorial at Sew 4 Home. This pattern requires some work with simple quilting and some pleating. But the site also has some great tutorials for.. Read More

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