Fluent Reading and Spelling – new product at TpT

I hope you’ll take a look at my updated resource on TpT! My primary grade students and struggling readers excelled with these materials and I know your students will too! Sound-Along combines music, pictures, make-and-break lessons, and little books for ample engagement and practice so every student can master Common Core phonemes. Take a look at this preview to see how Sound-Along works and go to the TpT tab to.. Read More

New Products on Teachers Pay Teachers, Available Now!

I am beyond excited about my new Super Task Cards! that are now available on my Teachers Pay Teachers site! It’s been faaaaaar toooooo looooong since I posted a new product to my TpT store, so thanks for hanging in there during my hiatus. I hope you’ll check out the three sets of task cards I’ve created to help students practice foundational reading skills outlined in the K-2 Common Core… Read More

Blending and Segmenting Video Now Available

Greetings! I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve posted a new video to my YouTube channel called “LitCentric“. I hope you’ll follow my channel! I know, I know, I haven’t posted nearly enough videos, but it’s hard to do with all the permissions needed to post students and their work. Every district has a different policy and it’s sometimes too much hassle to deal with it. So this.. Read More

Thank You Laura Candler!

Wow! A teacher leader I’ve admired for years read my blog posts for Words Their Way today. Laura Candler is a talented educator and author with a wonderful site – www.lauracandler.com. Check her out! I’m so honored to have her even stop by my lil’ ole blog. She also repinned my word work notebook on Pinterest on her board called “Best Blog Posts and Teacher Resources” and single-handedly created a.. Read More

Tackling the Alphabet Avalanche

How do we keep all the different types of letters in our classrooms organized and under control? Magnetic letters. Make and Break letters. Sound-Along phonics letters. Letters for centers. Letters for spelling lessons. Letters for word sorts. Letters for task cards. Letters for stamping. Aah! It’s enough to drive a teacher crazy! When we don’t have our letters under control we run the risk of losing them. Losing a lot.. Read More

A Fun Way to Learn Sight Words

All teachers know the importance of sight words in reading and writing instruction (well, at least I hope all of them do). A few years ago I came up with a way to practice and learn sight words that’s a lot of fun – and my students helped me do it! We came up with a song containing 42 of the most common sight words primary student need to know.. Read More

Words Their Way – round 3

Introducing a Words Their Way sort is meant to be quick and targeted. But there is certainly a right and wrong way to do it! I learned the right way (or what I hope is the right way!) from Dr. Bear’s workshop. So here goes nothing! Gather your students together around a table so that all students can participate in the sort. I’ve introduced sorts in all kinds of interesting.. Read More

Words Their Way – round 2

Wow! I got some great feedback from my first post on Words Their Way. I actually got a shout out from Dr. Donald Bear himself! I couldn’t believe it! “I enjoyed the Prezi. Thanks for your very kind words!” — Donald Bear And check out the comment he left on the original post. So cool! So let’s see if I can address some of the questions that came up based.. Read More

Words Their Way

I know many of us are familiar with Words Their Way. It’s been an oldie but goodie in countless classrooms. And for good reason! I used the program in my Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms and absolutely loved it for my literacy intervention groups in K-6. Not too long ago I held some informal trainings for teachers in how to get started with the program, how to introduce a word.. Read More

Sound-Along Phonics Program

I’m excited to announce that my Sound-Along Phonics Program is available for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers! Sound-Along is a supplemental phonics program designed to complement any reading program with its straight-forward approach to the practice of Common Core phonemes. Sound-Along uses song, pictures, hands-on materials, and repeated reading to help students master 37 common English phonemes in reading and writing. Here’s the Sound-Along song students learn as part of.. Read More

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