Enlist Parent Support to Improve Reading Comprehension

Parents are our secret weapon when it comes to successful literacy outcomes for students. Parent / Student Book Talks are a simple, no cost strategy for helping students connect with, and think about, what they read. We want to communicate to parents, and students, the importance of engaging in deep thinking that’s connected to text.

The Parent / Student Book Talks guide below includes examples of questions that parents can ask their children after reading. The questions include two parts: 1) we ask students for their thoughts about the text, 2) we ask students to justify their thinking. This second part of the questions is really important to our students’ comprehension development because we need to ensure that they can cite evidence, support their claims, and explain their thinking. Even in kindergarten classrooms, y’all!

Download the Parent / Student Books Talks file for suggestions about communicating this idea to your parent community.


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