I’ll admit it. I’m worried about writing instruction.

Let’s be honest, writing is hard to teach even in the best of circumstances. But at a distance? Entirely online? To elementary students? I think you can see why I’m concerned.

Many of us don’t feel confident teaching writing, and many of us don’t feel like writers ourselves. And if that’s the case, I’m worried that many of us won’t even try to teach writing in a distance learning or hybrid model.

So I designed a resource to help you! Watch my webinar to learn a system for designing lessons and teaching writing using free and inexpensive online tools.

You’ll learn the best resources to use for teaching elementary school writing online including:

  • how to use Google Slides to plan a week’s worth of instruction
  • how to combine live instruction with virtual practice
  • how to monitor progress and differentiate in small groups
  • how to provide feedback that doesn’t take forever!

See for yourself and get the link to all the resources I share!

Watch It Now!