A Peek Inside My Classroom

Teachers often ask me how I set up my own classroom for writing success. Here are some photos from the nicest classroom I ever had. It was a kindergarten room and boy did we get some writing done!

Here is what the room looked like when you first walked in. You can see areas for small groups for guided writing, the rug meeting area with my easel for reading mentor texts and creating anchor charts, and resources posted around the room for students to use while writing.

This room was unique because it had different alcove areas that created great spaces for gathering for mini lessons, viewing anchor charts, and stashing writing resources around the room.

Here you can get a closer look at the student book boxes. The books, poems, and other resources kept in our book boxes were valuable resources for writing.

This room even came with a built in student-sized writing center. How great is that?! The writing center was a highly coveted area that students gathered in throughout the day to work independently or to collaborate with a friend.

As I’m sure you can tell, I like things colorful! I figure, if I’m going to spend my days in that room, it might as well be a cheerful place for me too.

As the year progressed the walls would fill up with even more anchor charts, content charts, phonics tools, and spelling resources to increase independence and self-regulation during writing time. A recipe for success!