Never heard of Rent-A-Coach?

That’s because you heard it here first!

If you could use customized support for your school or district then you’re in the right place.


What if you could have access to a literacy expert who understood you and the needs of your school?

What if you could feel free to ask any question and get answers that build your own expertise?

What if you could get help to lead meaningful, lasting change in your school or district?

You need Rent-A-Coach!

I’m Julie Webb, Education Innovator, Reading Specialist, and National Board Certified Teacher of Literacy.

For the last 15 years I have supported literacy leaders, teachers, and administrators to create transformational literacy learning experiences for their colleagues and their students.

Administrators can benefit from a trusted thought partner with the experience and expertise necessary to help you manifest change in your school system.

Literacy leaders and coaches can benefit from a fellow literacy educator who’s passionate about high-quality instruction and can guide your team in planning and implementing professional learning initiatives.

Classroom teachers can benefit from an instructional coach who understands the realities of the classroom and can focus efforts to save you time and help you achieve the maximum benefit for you and your students.

So, what are the advantages of a coach on retainer?

  • Access literacy consulting right when you need it

  • Reflect with a trusted thought partner to advance your team’s progress

  • Save money by avoiding full-time salary requirements

  • Save time by bypassing lengthy hiring procedures

  • Benefit from direct access to expertise with limited commitment

  • Receive professional support tailored to your unique needs


Contact Julie to learn about Rent-A-Coach services and fee structures.